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This blog is mainly about books, and my attempt of finishing a new one each week.
Music, movies, quotes and poetry are also welcome here.

“The thing is that I also like to have lyrics that are inclusive, that give you space to be inside them, to put your experience on to them, so that they can move through moments. There’s a way of writing where you just include all the streets around your house and all the people you meet. You actually name them autobiographically in the song. Well, that song is very hard to travel through time. It may not last in its meaning. It may not touch every time because those people and events fade away and they may mean something to your life and your understanding of that life.”
Jeff Buckley
Juice Magazine February 1996 (via jeffbuckleyforever)

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“It’s hard to explain why certain music is good. It’s something that gets inside you, uncomplicated, direct, romantic, and melodic. The way the words get into you.”
Jeff Buckley (via jeffbuckleyforever)

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“I daydream, thinking about great songwriters. I was brought up with all these different influences… Nina Simone, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Patti Smith… people who showed me music should be free, should be penetrating, should carry you.”
Jeff Buckley (via moodswingwhiskey)
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Lover, You Should’ve Come Over

Jeff Buckley

“I try to transcend the ordinary, adding poetry.”
Jeff Buckley (via moodswingwhiskey)

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“Fight despite the crowds of the walking dead.”
Jeff Buckley (via lifeislikeaboxofcrayons)

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